8 Finished Basement Ideas

When you finish your basement, be meticulous about what your new space will be turned into. Will it benefit your family? Will it increase your home’s value? Here are some ideas that after your foundation has been repaired or basement waterproofed, that you can remodel in a watertight sealed space below your home, thus adding new livable space! 

Living Room 

Think about it, two can be better than one! Remodeling a basement is the perfect opportunity to give your home two places where you could relax or entertain company. Kids could play or watch movies downstairs while adults can sit back and have adult conversations with peace and quiet upstairs! 



Have a teen that no longer wishes to share a room? Have family staying over? Or are you trying to add value to your home? Reconstructing the entire basement into a bedroom can give someone space, privacy, and comfort they need for a good night’s rest. Not only do you now have a new bedroom, but you could also now say your home is a 4 bedroom instead of a 3 bedroom if you have remodeled legally and ever want to sell. 


Small Apartment

Adding a whole new fully livable space below your home can be a great return on investment. Either you could rent the bottom part of your home out and generate additional income, or your resale value can go up significantly! 


Home Gym

Who wouldn’t want the easy access to workout with no one else around!? 


Home Theater/Entertainment Room

Perfect for the family that likes to have fun but doesn’t want to go outside of the home to have it! 


Kids Play Room 

Great for a family with limited space upstairs and but had an empty basement already downstairs! 

Childs Playroom

Home Schooling Center 

If you have children that learn within the home, a completely separate space away from the main living area can be extremely beneficial to molding young minds. Meshing both home and school in the same areas has been known to add stress to children and even parents!  If your basement was already empty or just housed storage, remodeling it to be a schoolroom could be one of the best things you do for your home’s living spaces! 

Before and After

Adults Only Bar Room

Picture it, a wine cellar residing under your home or a fully stocked bar with a pool table and everything! 


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