Summer Time and Your Foundation

At J.D. Johnson Waterproofing, Inc. the summer months are our busiest time of the year for foundation repairs and waterproofing. This is partially due to homeowners having more free time to dedicate to home improvements, but the nicer, dryer weather also allows for more uninterrupted work time. However, some homeowners also neglect their basement and don’t even think about waterproofing because the weather is nicer and dryer. 

It’s Not Just When It Rains 


Most people only think about their foundation and their basement/crawl space during the wet months. Nevertheless, summer is arguably tougher on your home’s foundation than wet months. The warmer, dryer weather causes the soil around your home to contract. This is after the soil has been expanding from the rain in the spring, putting steady pressure onto your foundation. The actual heat and weather are not to blame for your foundation issues, but actually the rapid change in the temperature and moisture levels placing stress on your home’s foundation. 

Spring: Wet soil expands

Summer: Soil dries and contracts

Fall & Winter: Wet and cold weather- soil expands. 

A lot of the time, foundation damage is a slow, steady problem built up after soil expansion and contraction. In many situations, the damage starts small, you may see cracks on the walls of your basement and even start to see other cracks on walls and ceilings on the upper level of your home. If the problems are neglected for too long it can lead to:

  • Leaking pipes & other plumbing
  • Gaps between the wall and ceiling/floor
  • Strained support beams
  • Doors and windows not closing properly
  • Large cracks or leaking in basement/crawl space

If you notice small problems it can be cost-effective down the road to fix issues before they become bigger. Call a professional to waterproof your home or repair your foundation. We offer an array of services for northeast Ohio with the fairest pricing and licensed technicians to repair your home correctly the first time.  

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