The Effects of Humidity in Your Basement

Rain and snow are the normality when we think about components of water damage to our home’s basement, crawl space, or foundation. But there’s one other sneaky component that tends to get looked over: Humidity. Moisture makes its way into our home, and because it’s so easy to ignore it can also be incredibly dangerous to the integrity of your home.

Damages Done By Humidity   The Effects of Humidity in Your Basement

  • ​Paint/wallpaper discoloration or peeling
  • Mold/mildew growth – which can lead to other problems
  • Drywall/wood paneling warping
  • Damaged furniture or other stored items
  • Rust damage to any metal surfaces including tools
  • Pest infestations
  • Severe foundation cracking


All of these are possibilities when humidity isn’t taken care of. Summer humidity in Ohio can reach between 57%-80% during peak times. Humidity will affect your basement just like any other type of water issue, but it will do it in a much quieter, less noticeable way. To avoid even the smallest amounts of humidity from becoming a big problem, take the following precautions:

Ways to Treat Humidity   

  • Invest in a good dehumidifier: Removing excess moisture from the air, and you are then responsible for emptying the tank of water or having some kind of place to snake a tube for the water to go. The best dehumidifiers will run on their own and have adjustable settings, as well as a way for you to measure the current humidity in the air.
  • Window Care: This is something that should be utilized throughout your entire home if you have other humidity issues other than in your basement. Take precautions on how air or water is coming through your windows by placing caulking along the edges of your windows, fix any broken window panes, repair old frames, or replace the window altogether. All of these are openings that will not only allow humid weather to creep in but also rain and melted snow.
  • Running Fans:  During peak seasons of high humidity, runs fans throughout the areas that humidity is thriving. This doesn’t need to be a daily chore, just when you notice that condensation and humidity are present at the time. This will clear it out and prevent from air getting moist and stale and thus becoming a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and more.
  • Good Ventilation to the Outside: If you have a washer and dryer hook up in your basement, make sure your dryer has appropriate ventilation to the outside and no leaking in the piping so man-made humidity is creeping into your basement as well. 
  • Hire a Basement Waterproofing Company: At J.D. Johnson Waterproofing, Inc. we will make sure your basement, crawl space, and foundation are taken care of and repaired and ready to fight against water damage. This will not only protect you against humid summer days, but against rainstorms, snowmelts, or interior water issues and/or flooding.

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