Why DIY Repair Is Not The Cheapest Option.

You might know the signs of foundation problems like a homeowner should know. These include bowing and leaning walls, floor cracks, wall cracks, water intrusion signs, and more. But do you know when foundation failure is happening? It takes the trained eye of a structural or archectectural engineer to really know how serious the problems your home has are. Continue to read more as to why DIY repair is not the cheapest option. 

Improper Materials – DIY Kits


Many websites claim to offer DIY foundation repair “kits” but applying some carbon fiber on a wall crack may not be what your foundation needs. Some foundation repairs require epoxy injections performed under high pressure which requires special equipment to complete. Some jobs need excavation to get to the root area of the problem. Some foundations may actually be on the brink of requiring total wall rebuilding but may cosmetically not look like it to the untrained eye. 

Reading reviews on Amazon or seeing all of the products in a hardware store claiming to be the product to repair your foundation or fix water intrusion is not the same as having a professional with commercial-grade materials and quality machinery to repair your home the right way the first time. A professional not only has those proper materials but also has many other techniques and skills only a professional has learned about with schooling and hands-on experience. 

Cracks are Unique 


To an untrained eye, one crack may look like another. However, professionals know each crack by name. Some cracks are deeper than they appear, some are actively leaking water while some are purely cosmetic. Some cracks are only a portion of the seepage problem while other cracks are signaling that a much larger foundation problem exists. 


Inexperienced Help  


A bad repair is not better than a repair at all. In fact, a poorly constructed repair may create more issues later. A non-sound repair may cosmetically look good, but that may promote false belief that your home’s foundation problems are fixed. The repair that has been DIYed or not done correctly will make it more difficult for a professional to work around the improper repair in order to fix it well. Waterproofing experience is best gained from working under the watchful direction of a seasoned professional and having other trade accreditations specific to construction and plumbing. If a company or a repairman doesn’t have a lot of experience or have titles/credentials to show, they will end up gaining it by experimenting with techniques on your home. 

It’s your home, save money by calling a reputable professional the first time. Don’t be afraid to ask for background history from a company or shop around and get many estimates from the companies in your area. The right company has credentials, history, financial aid, fair pricing, and true lifetime warranties.

Damage or Injury 


It’s okay to admit you don’t know how to fix your foundation issue. It is also possible that you could make a mistake and not only cause injury to yourself, but also cause further foundation problems. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to repairing your basement or crawl space. That is why DIY kits are basically useless and a waste of money. No Do-it-Yourself repair is important enough to cause yourself injury or further home damage. If you are following articles, videos, and kit manuals, you probably do not have the skills needed to do the job safely and effectively, and that’s okay! 

Costing Yourself More 


If you are not positive about what you are doing, you can cost yourself a lot more money in the end. It is possible that you try to fix your own foundation and if it doesn’t work, a professional will come in and have to work around or undo your work which inevitably takes more time and can cost you more in the grand scheme of things.