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J.D. Johnson Waterproofing is a locally owned and operated business that wants to carry on our tradition of integrity and transparency, providing great products and service at a great price. Bowed foundations cause a number of problems to homes and offices, including basement water issues and structural cracking. This can lead to bracing the foundation wall and/or the need for a basement waterproofing system to be installed. If you have cracks in your foundation or the basement walls, do not hesitate to contact us before they get worse.

Unlike many of our competitors, JD Johnson Inc. is not a franchise, so we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach dictated by a third party agenda and layers of fees. More importantly, our technicians are driven by helping homeowners – not commissions. We recognize that many homes are similar, but that no two homes are exactly the same. As a result, we design and install custom solutions for each home so that we can effectively solve the specific problems you are encountering, without selling you more than you need. Further, our experience, combined with our knowledge, resources, products, and work ethic will allow us to solve your foundation problems and save you money the first time, every time.

Foundation Wall Rebuild - Interior View
Foundation Wall Rebuild - Exterior View

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And because we believe in our work, we offer a transferable warranty on foundation repairs, which range in duration from 5 years all the way up to the lifetime of the structure, depending on the products and service, as well as your budget and needs.

Rebuilding the Foundation Wall

Walls with severe structural damage will show additional horizontal cracks, shearing, and bowing as time progresses, and in some cases, the only way to repair the problem is to completely remove and rebuild the foundation wall.

This process requires a lot of work, beginning in the yard. Before the foundation is excavated, the soil around the foundation is removed. This includes all landscaping such as gardens, steps, walkways, foliage, and everything else located along the foundation. Then, the foundation will be excavated with a perimeter trench along the entire length of the structure. Temporary supports will be put in place as the foundation walls are removed and replaced. When the job is completed, the landscaping and dirt can be returned. Over time the soil will compact and settle.

Replacement of walls is the most expensive and least desirable repair method, however, at times it cannot be avoided.

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Foundation Crack Repair

A crack in your foundation wall could be caused by natural shrinkage of the concrete materials, or it could be a warning sign of a serious structural problem, such as a bowing wall. If you have cracks in your foundation, do not hesitate to contact us.

Buckling and bowing foundation walls is a result of hydrostatic pressure and is a common problem Ohio homeowners deal with. By being proactive on fixing bowed walls, you can avoid a larger and more expensive issue such as having to fix a collapsed foundation wall.

Types of Wall Cracks

Wall Crack

Inward Wall Push Vertical

Diagonal crack at each end of wall.

Wall Crack

Inward Wall Push Horizontal

Wall bows in & results in crack.

Wall Crack

Rebar Pop

Rebar too close to concrete surface, moisture causing corrosion of rebar. Results in “pop-out.”

Wall Crack

Vertical Settlement & Wall Push

Wall pushed in, note diagonal at each end. Horizontal & vertical crack from settlement.

Wall Crack

Vertical Wider at Bottom

Settlement from center. Vertical settlement moving in center of wall.

Wall Crack

Vertical Wider at Top

Settlement from sides. Vertical movement pulling crack wider at top as it moves vertically at corners.

Wall Crack

Shrinkage Crack

Vertical, less than or equal to 1/16 inch. Common & non-threatening.

Wall Crack

Stair Step

Settlement, downward vertical movement causing break in mortar joint in CMU.

Structural Damage Repair

One of the worst things that can happen to your home is to have its foundation, the main support structure, compromised. We excel at repairing any structural damage that could be causing your foundation to potentially be weak or unable to support your home. We will take care of these problems using wall bracing or strengthening techniques for bowed or cracked walls.

I-Beam Wall Braces

Interior bracing is a proven method of stabilizing bowed foundation walls. Strengthening the wall with steel columns is an economical method of stabilizing the wall. The foundation wall can be strengthened from the inside, avoiding excavation. I-Beam wall braces are ideal for excesses foundation shifting, along with clay block, textured brick patterned concrete walls, and traditional block walls.

Carbon Fiber Bracing

Carbon fiber wall supports are a great solution for bowing walls that ties the foundation base footing and the house framing together. In our experience, carbon fiber is ideal for both traditional concrete masonry block, and smooth faced concrete foundation walls, to repair not only bowing walls, but all types of foundation cracks. If carbon fiber is ideal for the unique home structural application, the benefits of carbon fiber is that it provides a nice semi-smooth, flat and nearly invisible repair when painted. The repair is maintenance-free and can be framed over (or leave exposed) without taking square footage from a basement.

Leaky Foundation Cracks

Leaking vertical cracks may be the result of the bowed wall issue noted above, or it simply may be a foundation shrinkage crack(s) that does not need the extensive bowed repair described above. Nor do you have major foundation leakage issues around the perimeter of your basement. We can just focus on stopping the water intrusion at the wall crack and repair the crack from the inside of your basement.

Carbon Fiber Repair

A carbon fiber crack sealing method for eliminating leaks from vertical shrinkage cracks is a great option for traditional concrete masonry blocks (painted or non-painted blocks). This method strengthens and reinforces your cracked or bowing foundation or basement wall, while providing a watertight barrier to keep the crack dry at the same time. This method is also great for smooth faced poured concrete walls, eliminated the need to excessive grinding of the concrete surface to get a smooth finish for the carbon fiber system to adhere to.

Epoxy Injection System

For poured concrete walls, cracks are very common and almost guaranteed to occur. Naturally, concrete shrinks and expands and it cures, which can cause cracks. Outside pressure from tree roots and water/soil pressure can and will cause poured walls to crack as well.

These poured wall cracks can be leaking, or they just need to be structurally repaired. This all can be done from the inside of the foundation, eliminating the need for costly exterior excavation and repair.

An epoxy injection system bonds the concrete from the inside, creating a rigid, solid repair. This makes the wall stronger than it ever was before. We seal the crack from the bottom to the top by first covering the crack with a topical epoxy with plastic injection ports installed along the length of the crack. Second, we allow the surface epoxy to fully cure before injecting with an epoxy liquid resin into the crack.

Foundation Cracks Caused by Street Creep

Another problem that affects many homeowners is something called “street creep.” This is what happens when the concrete in your driveway expands toward your home due to thermal expansion over time. While this only happens at a fraction of an inch per year, it can add up over time and eventually cause permanent foundation damage. We can repair this through the proper application of expansion joints to the driveway as well as our proven foundation repair methods noted above.

Don’t let your foundation crack under pressure, let us help you restore the structural integrity of your home!

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