Why Choose J.D. Johnson Waterproofing Inc. as Your Foundation Repair Contractor?

J.D. Johnson Waterproofing Inc. is a leading foundation rebuild and repair contractor that offers both commercial and residential foundation repair services in Akron, Canton and Cleveland. We have on staff both architectural and licensed structural engineers. When wall replacement is required our licensed professionals will ensure the proper repairs are made to the structure and resolve the cause of the structural damage. Home and business owners choose us because they know we’ll provide an honest assessment and will never recommend that unnecessary work be performed. Our aim is your safety and peace of mind that your foundation issues have been resolved through quality workmanship and great customer service. Call on us, you’ll understand why so many home and business owners look to us for their foundation rebuild needs.

Crumbling Foundation Wall Needing Rebuild
Crumbling Foundation Wall Needing Rebuild
Crumbling Foundation Wall Needing Rebuild

Thanks to a wide-range of repair service options, in most cases, failing foundations and crawl spaces do not need to be completely replaced and rebuilt. In rare instances, however, foundation replacement becomes necessary because correction was not applied soon enough. We suggest that you consider all options before replacing a foundation. The compromised area of your foundation will determine the solution to resolve the structural instability of your home. If you notice your foundation is sagging, sloping, heaving, bowing or cracking, contact us at J.D. Johnson Waterproofing Inc. for a thorough free inspection.

In the unusual case when your foundation must be replaced, you’re in good hands with J.D. Johnson Waterproofing Inc. Our company is one of the few in north east Ohio to offer full-service foundation, basement and crawl space rebuilding and restoration services.


Our foundation replacement process is simple. We generally follow these steps:

1. The home is jacked up and supported with temporary supports.

2. Heavy equipment is brought in to excavate soil around and under the existing foundation. We also remove steps, gardens, patios, porches, and walkways allowing us access to the foundation when necessary

3. The walls are removed and new ones are constructed.

4. Footer is inspected to confirm structural stability or replaced if necessary.

5. The structure is lowered into place after the new foundation walls are built.

6. Footer drains are replaced and new wall waterproofed.

7. Back-fill and grading conclude the process

8. Contact J.D. Johnson Waterproofing Inc. today for expert foundation wall replacement, rebuilding, restoration and repair.

Foundation Wall Rebuild - In Progress - Exterior View
Foundation Wall Rebuild - Exterior View

Don’t let your foundation crack under pressure, let us help you restore the structural integrity of your home!

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